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Selected papers on Network Neutrality

  • D. Andreoletti, O. Ayoub, C. Rottondi, S. Giordano, G. Verticale and M. Tornatore, “A Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Network-Neutral Caching in ISP Networks,” in IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 160227-160240, 2019, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2950593. [URL]
  • Maria Silvia Abba Legnazzi, Cristina Rottondi and Giacomo Verticale (2017), “Differentially Private Queries in Crowdsourced Databases for Net Neutrality Violations Detection”, in Proceedings of IEEE ICUFN 2017. [URL]

Selected papers on 5G

  • M. Zambianco and G. Verticale, “Interference Minimization in 5G Physical-Layer Network Slicing,” in IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 68, no. 7, pp. 4554-4564, July 2020, doi: 10.1109/TCOMM.2020.2983009. [URL]

Selected papers on Network Function Virtualization

  • D. Moro, G. Verticale and A. Capone, “A Framework for Network Function Decomposition and Deployment,” 2020 16th International Conference on the Design of Reliable Communication Networks DRCN 2020, Milano, Italy, 2020, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/DRCN48652.2020.1570613823. [URL]
  • Marco Savi, Massimo Tornatore, Giacomo Verticale (2015), “Impact of Processing Costs on Service Chain Placement in Network Functions Virtualization”, in Proceedings of IEEE NFV-SDN 2015. [URL]

Selected papers on Smart Grid Technologies

  • Savi, M., Rottondi C, and Verticale G (2015), “Evaluation of the Precision-Privacy Tradeoff of Data Perturbation for Smart Metering”, to appear in Transactions on the Smart Grid. [URL]
  • Rottondi C, Mauri G and Verticale G (2013), “A protocol for metering data pseudonymization in smart grids”, Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. [DOI] [URL]
  • Rottondi C, Savi M, Polenghi D, Verticale G and Krauß C (2013), “A Decisional Attack to Privacy-friendly Data Aggregation in Smart Grids”, In IEEE Globecom 2013., December, 2013. [DOI] [URL]
  • Rottondi C, Savi M, Verticale G and Krauß C (2014), “Mitigation of peer-to-peer overlay attacks in the automatic metering infrastructure of smart grids”, Security and Communication Networks. [DOI] [URL]
  • Rottondi C and Verticale G (2014), “Privacy-friendly load scheduling of deferrable and interruptible domestic appliances in Smart Grids”, Computer Communications. Elsevier. [DOI] [URL]
  • Rottondi C, Verticale G and Capone A (2013), “Privacy-preserving smart metering with multiple data Consumers “, Computer Networks . Vol. 57(7), pp. 1699 – 1713. [DOI] [URL]
  • Rottondi C, Verticale G and Krauß C (2013), “Distributed Privacy-Preserving Aggregation of Metering Data in Smart Grids”, Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on. Vol. 31(7), pp. 1342-1354.[DOI] [URL]

Selected papers on Information Centric Networking

  • Mauri G and Verticale G (2016), “Up-to-date Key Retrieval for Information Centric Networking”. Elsevier Computer Networks. [DOI][URL]
  • Bruno F, Cesana M, Gerla M, Mauri G and Verticale G (2014), “Optimal Content Placement in ICN Vehicular Networks”, In Network of the Future, Proceedings of. [URL]
  • Mauri G and Verticale G (2014), “On the Tradeoff between Performance and User Privacy in Information Centric Networking”, In New Technologies, Mobility and Security (NTMS), 2014 6th International Conference on., March, 2014. , pp. 1-5. [DOI] [URL] Mauri G and Verticale G (2013), “Distributing Key Revocation Status in Named Data Networking”, In EUNICE Workshop on Advances in Communication Networking., August, 2013. [URL]

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